No Gym Dandy

Welcome to the new me. Though let’s see how long that lasts. I’m getting nowhere peddling on my recumbent bike…literally … More

Buffet Bonding

I feel ignored when I attend Hollywood parties. Not that I go to many, but whether they’re classy events or … More

Firecracker Fever

  The Fourth of July has come and gone but the memories are still fresh. Synonymous with the holiday are the sounds and smells of popping firecrackers, which I absolutely loved as a kid. Same with all other pyrotechnical playthings – I marveled at a good fireworks show. The thunderous booms, the dazzling displays and the “oohs and […]

Going Back to School

The adults out there: Have you gone back to school to take a class in the recent past? Talk about changes! … More